Understand Your Options

As a business owner / operator you have a responsibility to maintain your professional image. A favorable impression from your consumer is a necessity in order to conduct business. Purchasing insurance from a company with injury prone debris on floors and restrooms that give an infectious feel when walking in isn’t likely to reap in the clients. Pair A Dice Clean LLC focuses on maintain your professional image.

Focus on your businesses essentials and productivity is priority and companies should be keeping their views on polices and production moreover the companies building maintenance. Pair A Dice Clean LLC ensures proper allocation of your businesses time. Systems are set in place to keep our consumer satisfied by a series of check lists and consistent supervisorial viewing to keep contacting to a minimal.

How Can We Help


  • Janitorial / Custodial / Porter services
  • Set up vendors / supplies
  • 72 hour system set ups*
  • Tailored maintenance systems


  • Minor repairs
  • Set up recurring property services with vendors
  • Estimate / Evaluate repair necessity
  • Routine walk through and service checklist
  • Negotiate with vendor / contractors


  • Prepare property for showing
  • Set up repairs / necessary maintenance
  • Single billing options
  • Rapid service response

Preventive Maintenance and Cleaning Specialties

  • Commercial/ Residential Janitorial Services
  • Downsizing/ Estate cleaning
  • Window Washing
  • Floor Care
  • Structural Painting
  • Lock and Key Systems
  • Flat Roof Maintenance
  • Basic Plumbing
  • Landlord Services

We also provide budgeted programs that cater to individual and or company needs.

Time Saving Programs

In many instances it may be in your best interest to outsource. If you’re struggling between finding time for your regular business functions and untimely repair and maintenance it may be time to find another solution. Do not risk losing valuable leads, tenants, and customers to untimely action. We can set up solutions very quickly or on your timeline which ever fix is best. Call us today and we can find your solution. We can be reached at (860) 281-1558. to individual and or company needs.

Landlord Solution Programs

As a landlord turnkey operations are imperative to your business. Whether it’s preparing for sale or new tenants, we have created programs to help prepare properties for viewing in a timely fashion. Often we assess the repair needed to comply with the landlord regulations and create an outline of work tailored to each property. We prescreen, compare rates, schedule contractors and walk through to insure the scope of work to be performed has been met. Preparing for your next tenant has never been easier.

Cleaning Systems Programs

Your business should always be a priority. Cleaning is a necessity to maintain order and company functionality. We provide services that assist managers, business owners and other personnel alike set up supply vendors, structured cleaning routines and checklists. We’ll bring in staff while controlling labor and overhead. The cleaning maintenance should be the least of worries, we’ll work on the eye appeal while you handle what really matter.

Repair and Maintenance Programs

Wear and tear is natural. By monitoring interior building structures we can catch minor repairs before they become large problems. Working with budgets can be difficult when repairs pile high, we prioritize work orders according to risk factors to maintain efficiency. We network with contractors so sifting for the best value doesn’t cost in time as it does in money. Monthly or quarterly assessments for property R&M can prevent costly repairs and maintain property value.