Window Washing Services

Keep Your Windows Looking as good as New with Window Washing Services

Windows being cleaned on a regular basis can prevent future repairs and other damages caused by weather related occurrences. Our services cover small business, commercial, store fronts, residential buildings, and complexes up to 4 stories.


  • Storm window exchanges
  • Inside and out window cleaning
  • Multi-track window cleaning
  • Screen cleaning
  • Interior and exterior window door
  • Hand blade exterior windows
  • Ceiling fans blades and base cleaned and oiled

Window washing (4 story and store fronts):

Single story/store fronts      Residential min: $115    |    Commercial: $95 (Store Fronts)

  • Regular windows 1st floor: $4.50 per window in / $8 in/out
  • Regular windows 2nd floor: $4.50 per window in / $8 in/out
  • French / grid style windows: $1+ per window
  • Sliding/patio doors: $5 per door
  • Garden windows: $5
  • Wardrobe mirrors: $2 per mirror
  • Screens: $1.25 per screen
  • Skylights: $4-7 per skylight (depending on size and location)
  • Store fronts: $15 depending on size and amount
  • Number of stories (2+): $5 per additional story
  • Ceiling fans and blades: $8-12 per fan

Need Window Washing Services?

Call Pair a Dice Clean at (413) 342-1558 for our Agawam location and (860) 281-1558 for our East Windsor location.