Helping People Transitioning

Downsizing Services

Downsizing service is a convenient service that consists of a thorough cleaning for the current and/
or future residence during the process of reorganization; after the client has completely moved
in or out, people choosing to downsize their living arrangements from larger homes, offices, and
lifestyles into smaller living quarters. Downsizing service is similar to residential cleaning services
with basic organizational skills and attention to detail. These clients’ current possessions furniture
and other items don’t fit into their relocation or other arrangement plans.


  • Cleaning residence before and after (if necessary)
  • Painting and restoration of walls and baseboards
  • Fireplace maintenance (exterior only, no chutes)
  • Appliance maintenance and cleaning
  • Helping the client move items to the storage facility
  • Separating and delivering to donation centers
  • Assisting in unpacking and organizing items at the
    new residence
  • Downsizing is priced by job and not by hour
  • Taking inventory of possessions
  • Determining what may go into a storage facility
  • Dividing possessions into Keep – Donate – Throw Away
  • Contact junk / waste removal companies / storage
    facility / charities for donations
  • Individual organizer per client. Personal crew

    Estate Cleaning Services

    Estate cleaning is designed to help individuals during their time of grief. At Pair A Dice Clean LLC you can expect a compassionate crew to help you organize your elated family member or friend’s possessions. Estate cleaning is similar to downsizing and typical residential services and is customizable to individual needs. PADC LLC job is to help you continue your daily routine during these difficult times.


    When it’s time to make the tough call and moving is the safest option coaching Mom, Dad, or Grandparents in this time can be an overwhelming.

    How do you work on the present situation looking towards the future and protect and respect the past?

    • When do we start downsizing?
    • What to take? What will fit? What’s the time frame?
    • We live hours away.
    • I need help packing and loading up the truck.
    • What to do with 40 years of the contents left? The grand/children don’t want any of it!
    • What’s it worth? Are we leaving money on the table?
    • Prep the house? The leaky faucet? Peeling wallpaper? Dirty Carpets. We’ll be lucky to get 100k for this!
    • The grass is over grown, Dad can’t grab the mower anymore.
    • What do we do with all the personal content? Bills from 2016 or worse, 1960!


    Choose Pair a Dice Clean!

    We communicate and explore options

    • Plan effectively
    • Involve the family
    • Sort and organize
    • Clean and repair
    • Plan the moving day

    Pair a Dice will connect you
    with Elder Professionals who
    help evaluate your options:

    We communicate and explore options

    • Senior Real Estate Specialist
    • Elder Care Attorney
    • Senior Living Specialist
    • Cleaning & Organizing Solutions
    • Elder Support Solutions

    Planning for a transition?

    Call Pair a Dice Clean at (413) 342-1558 for our Agawam location and (860) 281-1558 for our East Windsor location.